Merged Mining

Be part of the most
profitable Bitcoin
merged mined platform

Merged Mining allows Bitcoin miners to mine rsk’s
sidechain using the same work for both.

Merged Mining

Be part of the most
profitable Bitcoin
merged mined platform

Merged Mining allows Bitcoin miners to mine rsk’s
sidechain using the same work for both.

Why merged mining
with rsk?

Extra Rewards for Miners

rsk is the #1 Bitcoin Merged Mined platform in terms of rewards paid to miners. Rewards are paid in Bitcoin and come from the transaction fees of the network.
Miners earn ~80% of the fees for every competing block submitted to the network (yes, even uncles are rewarded!).

Calculate your Profits!
fiat currency
* Merged Mining rewards are paid in RBTC. 1 RBTC = 1 BTC
No Additional Effort

There is no need for new or better mining hardware. The same mining infrastructure miners use for Bitcoin can be simultaneously used to mine rsk.

Bitcoin Network Prioritized

rsk boosts the Bitcoin network through the execution of more complex transactions that can be paid using Bitcoin. Thus,
helping the Bitcoin ecosystem grow and contributing to its
long term sustainability.

The most secure Smart Contract Platform

Thanks to Merged mining, rsk is the most secure Smart
Contract Platform and one of the most secure blockchains in
the world.

Participate in rsk Merged
Mining Economy

If you are a miner, ask your mining pool to start doing merged mining with rsk! If you are a mining pool, follow the steps below 1. Setup your rsk node A.   Download the node,
B.   Specify your own config file.
C.   Configure your node to have mining capabilities.
2. Adapt your mining pool software to do merged mining
  • Use our out of the box merged mining pools. Said pools
    are just the most popular pools with its functionality
    extended to do merged mining. Our experts developed the
    plugins and, after extensive testing, guarantee that Bitcoin
    operation is not affected by merged mining in any means.
  • BTCPool Eloipool stratum-mining CKPool
3. Start Mining!

rsk is the Most Profitable Bitcoin
Merged Mined Platform

* Statistics correspond to April 2020.

** Coin prices used in calculations are from the 28th Apr 2020.

All the information displayed in the table above is the result of an analysis done by our experts. If you believe that something is not correct, please contact us.

Support Bitcoin Leadership

rsk helps the Bitcoin ecosystem grow in the following areas


rsk platform boosts the Bitcoin network thanks to its smart contract capabilities. Smart contracts enable much more complex use cases like off chain transactions. These transactions significantly increase the revenue of the network and are the key to provide scalability to the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Bitcoin network is leveraged by rsk platform since it allows to host multiple use cases focused on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Stable Assets, Digital Identities (reputation), Loyalty Programs, Traceability, Social Impact and many more.


Different domain specific blockchains can be connected by bridges. rsk built the first productive bridge to be connected with Bitcoin, allowing the use of bitcoins to pay for the execution of smart contracts. By providing cutting-edge technology to build bridges between different blockchains and Bitcoin, rsk expands the possible uses of bitcoin.

Your Questions Answered

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  • How are the fees paid?
  • Fees are paid by a Smart Contract called  REMASC
  • How many Bitcoin miners are doing merged mining with rsk?
  • Check our  Stats website
  • Have more mining related questions?
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